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SBE Chapter 37
July 15, 2018  

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Vertical Technology Services

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Meeting Date:

July 11, 2018 at 6:30 PM


WAMU Studios
4401 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20016-8082


We will be meeting at the WAMU studios, which are located at 4401 Connecticut Avenue, NW in DC.  If traveling by Metro, take the Red Line and get off at the Van Ness/UDC Metro station. Use the east exit and walk one block north on Connecticut Ave. to Windom Place and arrive at 4401 Connecticut Ave.

If driving, set your GPS for the above address, which will bring you to Connecticut Avenue at Windom Place. WAMU is the brick/glass building on the left. Landmarks include a UPS Store, a loading dock, and a roll-up door on the side of the building. For this meeting, park in any available space. 

Use the WAMU intercom next to the roll-up door to ask for Rob Bertrand, and advise that you're there for the SBE meeting.  Take the elevator to the first floor.


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Transmission Tech: ATSC 3.0 & FM Repack Impact

Anywave Communication

Guest Speaker: Perry Priestly & Owen Garland

This month, we are fortunate to have two broadcast veterans updating us on transmission technology. Perry Priestly has been a leader in broadcast technology for 40 years and is now CEO of Anywave Communications. Owen Garland, CEO of Vertical Technology Services, has over 30 years of experience erecting and modifying broadcast towers.

Our meeting will begin with Perry Priestly's presentation. Anywave's roots go back to the development of the present standard Zenith Grand Alliance ATSC 1.0 TV receiver system. Perry has considerable experience in TV and radio transmission systems from his time with Philips, Pye-TVT, Comark Communications / Thales broadcast, Linear Industries, Ibiquity Digital, and EEV amplifiers. Anywave Communications is now focused on the manufacture and sale of delivery and distribution broadcast equipment, including large-scale high-power DTV transmitters of both the air and water-cooled variety. Anywave is also a manufacturer of exciters, modulators, encoders, processors, analyzers, repeaters, gap fillers, filters, and various “gadgets” for the retrofitting and monitoring of transmitter site functions. Several Anywave components can be found (re-branded) in other big-name manufacturers’ products.

Perry will provide an update on existing and upcoming ATSC 3.0 transmission projects in the USA, Korea, and other budding countries who are adopting the standard. Lessons learned in the build out, the outstanding performance and efficiency capabilities, the two-way data path, the state of acceptance, facets of the standard, and compatibility with existing facilities will all be covered in the presentation. Perry will also show some hands-on pieces of hardware.

To complement the new technology portion of our meeting, Owen Garland, CEO of Vertical Technology Services, will provide an update on the DTV buildout. It is commonly known that the FCC mandated TV transmission repack project has been a strain on the nation’s limited number of tall-tower qualified tower crews. Phase 4 of the buildout, which affects most of the Northeast USA and our market, is just around the corner—with a deadline of just a bit over twelve months from today.

What is sometimes neglected or overlooked in planning the erection, modification, and removal of these high power television transmission systems and towers is the cost and potential impact to FM transmission systems that often share a common tower with TV broadcasters. Owen will highlight methods to alleviate, schedule around, and mitigate potential revenue loss to FM stations that depend more heavily on their broadcast antennas than TV as a percentage of their total audience.

Please come by to review the latest technology and lessons learned in the broadcast transmission realm. Sandwiches, kindly provided by Anywave Communications, will be served Wednesday, July 11th at 6:30 PM.  We'll discuss a tiny bit of Chapter 37 business about 6:45 PM and begin our presentations about 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP before Noon July 10th by dropping an e-mail to and let us know if we should expect you for dinner!  Thanks to our friends at WAMU for kindly allowing us to utilize their facility. 

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