SBE Chapter 37
SBE Chapter 37
August 13, 2022  

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SBE Regulatory Issues and You!

Stephen Hartzell and Coe Ramsey
Stephen Hartzell and Coe Ramsey

Guest Speaker: Stephen Hartzell & Coe Ramsey

May 10, 2022

The SBE is an advocate for its members on regulatory and legislative issues at the FCC, NTIA, Capitol Hill, and beyond that affect broadcast engineers.  The Society's focus on these issues is driven by the SBE Board, Government Relations Committee, General Counsel, as well as interested members like you.

In the continuing effort to keep you informed, our May meeting introduced SBE's new Regulatory Counsel team consisting of Stephen Hartzell and Coe Ramsey of Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP (Brooks Pierce).  Brooks Pierce is a Raleigh, NC based law firm that serves businesses, government, non-profit institutions, trade associations and individuals.  As outlined below, Stephen and Coe are both highly experienced with broadcast technical regulatory issues including Broadcast Auxiliary Services.  We had a dialog regarding SBE's current legislative issues (detailed here).  

Since Stephen and Coe call the Raleigh-Durham area "home," this was a joint meeting of SBE Chapters 37 (Washington) and 93 (Raleigh-Durham).  Chapters 60 (Richmond) and 54 (Hampton Roads) also joined us.  

As an FCC and communications lawyer, Stephen Hartzell advises broadcasters and other FCC-regulated businesses on a host of compliance matters. He maintains productive relationships with members of the FCC staff. His practice focuses on providing operational advice, including FCC licensing, enforcement issues, EAS, political programming, sponsorship identification/payola, the FCC’s EEO rules, broadcast station ownership, closed captioning and other accessibility issues, children’s television programming, and indecency and other programming content issues.

Coe Ramsey’s communications and media practice focuses on FCC regulatory, transactional, corporate and intellectual property (copyright and trademark) matters. Coe represents radio and television operators throughout the country, counseling and advocating on a variety of issues, including buying and selling radio and television stations, FCC ownership rules and policies, ATSC 3.0, digital broadcasting, and other new technology deployments, broadcast licensing and renewals, programming issues, cable and satellite carriage, political advertising, and music licensing.

Special thanks to sponsor Jim Peck of SCMS for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37. 

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