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July 6, 2022  

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Broadcasting with Software-Defined Hardware

Chuck Kelly

Guest Speaker: Chuck Kelly

August 12, 2021

Our August guest speaker was Chuck Kelly, VP Market Development of the Elenos Group.  His presentation Broadcasting with Software-Defined Hardware addressed the field of radiofrequency modulators that are completely programmable and capable of creating virtually any digital TV or FM broadcast standard by uploading new firmware.  For example, it is feasible to install firmware for the ATSC-1 and ATSC-3 digital television standards and switch from one to the other with just a "click."  Chuck's presentation covered both the firmware (FPGA and DSP) as well as the hardware - a 16-layer printed circuit board with over 2,200 components (see photo, below).

Just as in consumer and industrial RF communications, commercial broadcast products can now take advantage of the flexible architecture and economies of scale of embedded systems within microprocessors for a variety of over the air formats. Software-defined radios have their origins in the U.S. and European defense sectors of the late 1970s. In the 80's, commercial DSPs were beginning to show up in higher end consumer products.  In modern consumer gear, both IOS and Android devices are routinely reprogrammed using this technology without a second thought.  Broadcasting, a comparatively "niche" industry, can finally get away from special purpose hardware with the flexibility to upgrade as standards are modified to better suit the broadcast business model without expensive chassis replacements.

Chuck is a 48 year radio veteran, including Chief Engineer stints in Illinois and Colorado.  Since 1980, he has worked in the sales and product management side of the business at ITC/3M, Broadcast Electronics/Elenos, and Nautel.  He was two-term President of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and is a Fellow of the society.  Chuck is an active amateur radio operator holding the callsigns W9MDO, VE1MDO and 4E1MDO.

Special thanks to Broadcasters General Store for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37. 


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