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July 6, 2022  

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Remote Production - How Remote Do You Need to Be?

Photo: Rob Lewis of Calrec Audio

Guest Speaker: Rob Lewis

July 20, 2021

The pandemic brought on a wave of new ways broadcasters needed to work remotely. Rob Lewis, Calrec Audio Ltd.'s US Technical Sales Manager, walked us through several example workflows of how to achieve this with his presentation titled, "Remote Production, Working Remote, Cloud based Production... How Remote do you Need to Be?"  This meeting was a cooperative effort between SBE Chapter 37 and the SMPTE Washington, DC Section.  

"How can I mix remotely?," is a question that's been asked regularly since the pandemic began and the challenges of remotely mixing audio became apparent. Broadcast engineers were suddenly tasked with mantaining high-quality broadcasts while production staff worked from home or at distant locations within a facility to achive social distancing.

Calrec has several answers to this question depending on specific requirements, infrastructure, and just how remote the staff needs to be. Calrec Audio's REMI model for sports production has been with many television networks for a number of years now. Also, several studios in the market are producing live news from bureaus and remote locations by way of “remote virtual consoles” remotely controlled over great distances.

Rob is the National Technical Sales manager at Calrec Audio. Rob has 25 years experience in the professional audio industry, including international sales, product marketing, and as a freelance audio engineer.

Special thanks to Broadcasters Depot for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37. 

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