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July 6, 2022  

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Lithium-Ion Battery UPS for Broadcast Applications

Photo Credit: Eric Hoehn
Photo Credit: Eric Hoehn

Guest Speaker: Chris Cleary

March 10, 2020

Given some of the recent hoverboard and Samsung battery “events”, there is a lot of discussion about whether lithium-ion batteries are a safe solution for data center and broadcast applications. This presentation, pasted as a PDF below, discussed the evolution of the various lead-acid batteries currently available with a focus on the future of energy storage, especially lithium-ion. Our guest speaker weighed the trade-offs between the various lithium-ion chemistries, discussed how lithium batteries are constructed, explained what a battery management system is, which regulatory requirements should be considered, and fire-mitigation/safety concerns.

Fellowship and a light dinner started about 6:00 pm followed by organization business and Chris' presentation.  Thanks to Staco Energy Products for sponsoring dinner and Brian Oliger and our friends at Hubbard Radio for organizing and hosting our meeting.

  Staco Energy Powerpoint
Photo Credit: Fred Willard
Photo Credit: Fred Willard

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