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Next Gen TV Summit

Photo Credit: James O Neal
Photo Credit: James O Neal

Guest Speaker: Multiple - See Text

January 16, 2020

Based on trade press coverage (see below) and unsolicited comments, the Next Gen TV Summit was a great success enjoyed by all.  Thanks to many attendees arriving early, it was possible to start the program a few minutes ahead of schedule and cover more than nine hours of material.  Attendees and presenters enjoyed excellent hors d'oeuvres and an open bar at nearby Busboys and Poets.

Turnout was greater than anticipated owing to the subject and its timing relative to the CES taking place just one week prior. CES highlighted NEXTgen TV with the release of 20 or more television models with approved ATSC 3.0 tuners. Due to great interest, we had to stop accepting registrations two weeks before the event. Regardless, with 120 people attending, the meeting room was quite full. Most attendees were present from before 8 am until past 7:30 pm. We were fortunate to have cooperation with ATSC, NAB, and SMPTE along with generous sponsors listed below.

Here's a summary of press coverage:

Our television industry is at a crossroads. Will broadcast cooperate with and leverage 5G technology or strike out on its own with ATSC 3.0? Or will it be some hybrid thereto? What will this mean for consumers? How will this change their viewing experience and habits? These questions and more were addressed at the all-day Next Gen TV Summit held at WETA on January 16th.

We believe ATSC 3.0, now known as Next Gen TV, has the potential to transform the television viewing experience. The Next Gen TV Summit, a regional event with national backing, will be an all-day conference covering ATSC 3.0 television, along with simultaneously emerging 5G broadcast technologies and their impact on the media industry. The Summit explored the technologies behind Next Gen TV and how it will transform the consumer experience and create new opportunities.

We looked at the ways Next Gen TV can impact consumers and deliver a richer and more engaging experience optimized for home, auto and mobile environments. With the launch of these new distribution systems, broadcast television and wireless services will become IP delivery platforms for media content with highly differentiated yet complementary capabilities. While examining these capabilities, we also looked at the underlying technologies and what broadcasters need to know in order to implement them.  We heard from the station groups themselves about their deployments and how they expect to leverage Next Gen TV’s capabilities. 

This event was for technical folks and engineers as well as strategic leaders, new business managers, station managers, and digital sales managers. It shed light on technical aspects, which by now are ironclad or at least established and published and more about strategy and capability. Our guest speakers included:

  • Lynn Claudy—NAB and ATSC
  • Madeleine Noland—ATSC
  • Joonyoung Park—DigiCap
  • John Lynch—ERI
  • Jeff Andrew—Osborn Engineering
  • Richard Lhermitte—Enensys
  • Josh Arsenberg—Verizon
  • Jean Macher—Harmonic
  • John McCoskey—SpectraRep
  • Rick Ducey—BIA
  • Mark Fratrik—BIA
  • Mark Corl—Triveni Digital
  • Pete Van Peenan—Pearl TV
  • Greg Jarvis—Fincons
  • So Vang—NAB
  • Thomas Janner—Rhode & Schwarz
  • Brian Markwalter—Consumer Technology Association
  • Skip Pizzi—NAB
  • Michael Bouchard—ONE Media and Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Stacey Decker—Public Media Group
  • Sasha Javid—The Spectrum Co

Links to many presentations are available from this SMPTE web site and many video recordings are available on SMPTE's YouTube page.

Thanks to our sponsors for their help defraying costs and keeping the cost reasonable.

Photo Credit:  Fred Willard
Photo Credit: Fred Willard

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