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July 6, 2022  

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Antenna and RF System Design - DTV Repack

Eddy Vanderkerken

Guest Speaker: Eddy Vanderkerken

July 9, 2019

Our July guest speaker, Eddy Vanderkerken from RFS - Radio Frequency Systems - discussed antenna technology being implemented in the digital TV repack that's grown to a fever pitch in the northeast United States.

The presentation (download here) gave insight into how antenna design influences radiation patterns, how the design and manufacturing of antennas and RF filters has evolved, and the software tools that can be used to select the optimum solutions for the TV broadcaster during the FCC repack and beyond.

Throughout his career, Eddy Vanderkerken has proven to be a collaborative team leader adept at turnkey projects, RF and microwave, radio communications, telecommunications, video, mobile, and broadcast television equipment. He has distinguished himself in positions at Teledyne LeCroy Inc. and Rohde & Schwarz. Most recently, he applied his cumulative experience to source RF, video, TV and broadcast T&M products to U.S. customers as president of Sourcerer LLC., his own entrepreneurial venture.

With a worldwide customer base and 80 years of experience in the broadcast industry, RFS is widely recognized as a specialist in the design and manufacture of multi-channel antenna and transmission systems. RFS was chosen for high-profile broadcast projects including innovative solutions for the majority of the TV broadcast deployments at One World Trade in New York City and the Cedar Hill transmission serving the Dallas Fort Worth market.

Fellowship and a light dinner, sponsored by RFS, will started about 6:30 pm followed by organization business and presentation shortly thereafter.  Thanks to RFS for dinner and to our friends at Hubbard Broadcasting for providing the meeting facilities and tending to meeting logistics.   

Photo:  Eric Hoehn
Photo: Eric Hoehn

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