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Master Control and Channel Playout Advancements

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Guest Speaker: Niall McDonnell

February 12, 2019

Our February meeting featured guest speaker Niall McDonnell from Harmonic.  Niall spoke about the trends shifting from hardware toward both cloud-based file delivery to real-time precision full resolution playout solutions.  This is true for single and multichannel local stations as well as network content providers.  The trend from VM based server towards cloud native deployments is accelerating and this enables new playout and delivery solutions.

We discussed some of the underlying technical drivers behind the path to cloud native adoption, as well as the benefits and possible impacts to business models.

A bite to eat, provided by Harmonic, was served at 6:30 PM and we discussed a tiny bit of Chapter 37 business and began our presentation shortly afterward.  Thanks to our friends at WJLA-TV for kindly allowing us to utilize their facility.

Photo Credit:  Fred Willard
Photo Credit: Fred Willard

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