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High Efficiency Solid State Transmitter Design

Guest Speaker: Walt Gumbert and Rohde & Schwarz Engineers

January 9, 2018

Our January 9th, 6:00 PM meeting was held at the U.S. headquarters of Rohde & Schwarz, a renowned manufacturer of TV and FM broadcast transmitters and test equipment based in nearby Columbia, Maryland. This meeting was a cooperative effort of our host Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. in conjunction with SBE Chapters 37 (Washington, DC), and Chapter 46 (Baltimore, MD).    

Walt Gumbert and several Rohde & Schwarz engineers discussed the technical merits of Dohetry amplifiers, liquid-cooled design, and methods employed to simplify ongoing transmitter maintenance.  They also covered a myriad of other topics: 

  • Product Training Program
  • Expert Discussion of FM Transmitter Products
  • Overall Transmitter Manufacturing Plant and Product Electrical Efficiency Gains
  • Review of the Firm's Background and Manufacturing Plants / Product Development
  • Sample Check List of Digital Television Repack Transmitter Points to Consider
  • Typical Site Drawing, Planning, and Upgrade Implementation
  • Transmitter Requirements to Upgrade to the New ATSC 3.0 Standard
  • Workshop Description of Doughtery Mode Amplification
  • Test Gear Lab / Calibration and Repair Facility Tour
  • Transmitter Setup
    • Conducting a Proof
    • ETL Instrument Use on a High Power Transmitter in Operation Live on the Factory Floor.
    • Hands-on Workshop

A light dinner, kindly provided by our friends at Rohde & Schwarz, was served about 6:00 PM. We briefly discussed SBE business about 6:45 PM began our presentation shortly thereafter. 

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