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DTV Transition from a Manufacturer's Perspective

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Guest Speaker: Joe Meleski, Dave Benco, & Carl Davis

November 15, 2016

With the DTV Incentive Auction proceeding at full speed, many broadcast engineers now face a daunting challenge:  Recent studies indicate that if the Auction is successful, it will be necessary for over one thousand television stations to change from one channel to another at a breakneck pace.  Because this project demands replacement of many antennas, transmission lines, and transmitters in just a few years, it is expected to be an unprecedented challenge for manufacturers as well as TV and co-located FM stations throughout North America. 

Our November guest speakers were Joe Meleski, Dave Benco, and Carl Davis of Electronics Research (ERI).  As a major manufacturer and installer of high-power TV and FM broadcast antennas, transmission lines, and towers, ERI is uniquely qualified to discuss the possible effects of the transition.  We heard their concerns and learned about the challenges from their perspective. 

A bite to eat was kindly provided by our friends at ERI.  We had a brief bit of Chapter 37 business about 7:00 pm, and our presentation followed shortly thereafter. Thanks to our friends at WAMU for hosting our meeting.

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