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Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer

Chris Imlay

Guest Speaker: Chris Imlay

May 11, 2016

Chris Imlay, SBE's General Counsel, was our May 11 guest speaker.  Along with input from various SBE committees and the SBE Executive Board, Chris represents SBE's interests before the FCC and other government agencies and has done so for many years.  He also keeps us informed with his Legal Perspective article in the SBE publication The Signal and his presentation before Chapter 37 in May, 2015. 

As those who attended the last two May meetings can attest, Mr. Imlay is a superb public speaker who always seems to have something interesting on his mind.  Thus, we gave him carte blanche regarding discussion topics, which ranged from current technical regulatory topics, spectrum allocations, to broadcast auxiliary spectrum issues.  He provided an overview of ongoing threats to spectrum for broadcasters, including Broadcast Auxiliary and wireless mic frequencies. He Also talked about the lack of progress on the FCC's part to do anything to reduce the overall noise floor that affects not only the AM broadcast band but also HAM radio bands. Questions and answers followed on several topics. Chris offered to come back next May and proposed making this an annual meeting. We found the presentation both interesting and informative.

Chris Imlay, Managing Member, Booth, Freret & Imlay, LLC, has practiced Federal Communications Law for the bulk of his professional career to date. His other communications clients include the American Radio Relay League, the national association of broadcast and communications technical professionals; JVC Kenwood USA Corporation; the National Football League; Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company; Robert Bosch, GmbH; Broadcast Sports, Inc.; numerous television and radio broadcast, common carrier, and private wireless licensees of the FCC; video production companies and manufacturers of communications and electronic equipment.  His work for the amateur and broadcast engineering associations include preparation of materials in FCC rule making and adjudicatory proceedings, consultation with local chapters and members, extensive representation of communications users, and consulting with local counsel for those users, in connection with Federal, state and local regulation of Federally-licensed communications facilities.

Sandwiches and soft drinks, which were kindly provided by our friends at GatesAir, were served at 6:30 PM.  We discussed some Chapter 37 business and began our presentation shortly afterward.  

We announced upcoming SBE webinars and that the membership drive is ongoing through the end of May . There was a discussion with Brian Oliger (Chapter Vice Chair) on formal plan to restart SECC committee for DC. There is more to come from the last two remaining members at the next meeting. Fred Willard at Univision expressed interest in participating in the project. Next month's meeting location and topic was announced. The Trump Organization has offered the Old Post Office downtown. The roof is being opened up for leases as a possible ENG receive site. Chris Kontopanos from Sennheiser will be presenting on wireless mic technology and FCC issues with wireless mic spectrum.

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