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HD Radio Multiplex

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Guest Speaker: Gary Liebisch

July 14, 2015

Gary Liebisch discussed Nautel HD Multiplex, a technology that enables up to 15 audio streams within 600 kHz of FM bandwidth. The technology allows the combination of multiple, independent IBOC exgine modulators into a single crest factor reduction engine, permitting multiple IBOC stations to be amplified and broadcast with a single transmitter and antenna. The all-digital configuration maintains backward compatibility with existing receivers.

By way of background, Gary also outlined the evolution in peak-to-average power reduction methodologies for HD Radio, including iBiquity's PAR1, PAR2, and Nautel PowerBoost.

This spring, Gary participated in Nautel's demonstration of a working HD Multiplex prototype at NAB 2015. He discussed the demonstration along with some of the exciting opportunities that this technology might create for broadcasters.  Nautel is interested in our industry's feedback, which will determine the appropriate path for further development of the technology and possible pursuit of regulatory approvals.

A bite to eat, kindly provided by Nautel, was served at 6:30 PM. We discussed a tiny bit of Chapter 37 business about 6:45 PM and began our presentation about 7:00 PM by introducing our guests Gary Liebisch and John George.  Our meeting was held at the new CBS Radio Performance Studio, located in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.  Thanks to CBS Radio for serving as such a cordial host.

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