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Monitoring & Management Systems

SuiteLife Systems

Guest Speaker: Kenny Miller

February 10, 2015

Our February 10 meeting featured guest speaker Kenny Miller, National Director of Sales for NFB Consulting/SuiteLife Systems. Kenny presented a Monitoring & Management Systems discussion focusing on the proper feature set for technical applications. Topics covered included monitoring/management applications, special features for better management systems, benefits of northbound communications and the operator's role in fault monitoring. 

Once considered a luxury, Monitoring & Management Systems have become essential in the modern technical facility for improving efficiency and more effectively utilizing existing technical and operational staff. Their systems are said to be suitable for radio, television, production, transmission and/or building management functionality.  

SuiteLife Systems, a division of NFB Consulting, is a leading solution provider for Management, Monitoring and Control specializing in the integration of facilities and disparate systems and equipment across multiple site networks up to a single screen.  

Kenny brings to NFB Consulting/SuiteLife Systems, 25 years of rich experience spanning systems integration and technology in the broadcast, media production and audio visual industry. Kenny is a SBE member and former SMPTE Section Manager serving Atlanta, GA. Kenny's experience is punctuated by success ranging from studio and production control room technical installations to building TV and media production facilities from the foundation upward.  

Sandwiches and soda, kindly provided by SuiteLife Systems, were served at 6:30 PM, we discussed a bit of Chapter business about 6:45, and began our presentation about 7:00 PM. Thanks to WETA, Mike Byrnes, and William Harrison for allowing us to use their board room and serving as our hosts.  

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