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Audio Over IP for Radio and ENG

Mayah Communications

Guest Speaker: Daniel Loeffler

March 8, 2011

We had a great chapter meeting. Laura Mir welcomed everyone, called the meeting to order, and reminded attendees that the SBE membership drive is running. She sent a follow-up e-mail the following morning.

As detailed below, Mayah's presentation went very well and was followed by good discussion and Q&A. As always, a number of people stayed around after the meeting just to chat.

The topic for this meeting was Audio over IP for Radio and ENG. Guest speaker Daniel Loeffler discussed the technology and implementation required for audio over IP using N/ACIP, SIP for real time audio broadcast radio and ENG with multi-codec vendors. (Telos, Comrex, Tieline, etc.).

The discussion focused on several emerging audio-over-IP issues for audio codecs. Unlike ISDN, which was very simple and reliable, IP however, raises new issues for reliable and quality audio-over-IP transmission for radio and ENG. We discussed the factors that influence effective Audio over IP, including:

  1. CODEC and compression algorithms
  2. Latency, Quality and bit rates
  3. N/ACIP and SIP protocol for connectivity to all codecs including Telos, Comrex,, Tieline and others)
  4. Audio-via-IP Experts Group
  5. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), RTP and Voice-over-IP
  6. ADSL vs. SDSL QOS (Quality of Service) for internet transmission
  7. Remote audio over IP: 3G, WLAN, BGAN
  8. MAYAH’s cost effective approach to ISDN and IP codecs
  9. IP connect a MAYAH to your Telos, COMREX or other IP codecs supporting SIP

For more information, see the attached Application Notes:

  Using FEC on MAYAH Codecs   Using MAYAH devices with BGAN   Using MAYAH SIP server at   Audio-over-IP Fundamentals   Redundant Audio Streaming
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