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A Taste of NAB

Guest Speaker: Larry Bloomfield

August 4, 2010

A Joint Meeting with SBE46 Baltimore and SBE137 Fort Meade

Chapter 37 had 32 attendees for Taste of the NAB – 2010 Road Show presented by Larry Bloomfield.

For the 9th year, Larry Bloomfield is travelling America to get the interesting information and products from the NAB show in Las Vegas to engineers who could not travel to the show. We want to thank him and his sponsors:

Each segment of the program showed the capabilities and new features introduced in Las Vegas. After a couple of hours showing what was new at NAB, a host of great door prizes were given out to the attendees. Check out Taste of the NAB Washington DC.

Our host was Clear Channel in Rockville who graciously let us take over their performance studio with gear. Thanks Matt and staff !

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