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Implementation of Increased HD Radio Power Levels

Guest Speaker: Gary Liebisch

June 15, 2010

For our June meeting we presented part two of a two month discussion dedicated to HDRadio. Our featured speaker was Gary Liebisch, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Nautel Limited. Gary discussed sizing of transmitters to take advantage of the higher authorized digital power, peak-to-Average Power Ratio reduction techniques, asymmetrical sideband capability, and the Nautel power calculator. He demonstrated Natuel’s new VS Series--compact low-cost, low power FM transmitters featuring standard audio and AES inputs; IP audio I/O; Livewire™ support; and Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI). Digital features include three channels on one frequency; integrated PAD coding; and the optional VS HD add-on unit for more Nautel integrated digital solutions.

WAMU hosted our meeting and demonstrated the Nautel AUI in use with their new transmitter. WAMU recently increased IBOC carrier injection to -14 DBc under STA for its three digital channels.

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