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IP Audio Codecs and SIP-Based Communication

Mayah Communications

Guest Speaker: Daniel Loeffler

February 16, 2010

Obviously the aftermath of this record breaking snow fall made travel very difficult throughout the city, but for the hardy souls that got through, Daniel Loeffler, presented a discussion about IP-based codecs, SIP-based communication and products designed to utilize these technologies.

Specifically, Mr. Loeffler discussed the following equipment and technology:

  • C11 Product Family: C11 Ultra Small codecs provide Audio-over-IP based on EBU N/ACIP standards using Ethernet, 3G networks, BGAN , Flashcast TM auto-connect ISDN to all non-MAYAH codecs, ASI and POTS.
  • SPORTY: New Portable Reporter CODEC, a tool for live reports, sports, news, voice over, radio interviewers and commentators.
  • FLASHMAN II: A Next-Generation Portable Recorder CODEC, provides two professional microphone or line-level XLR inputs for recording to SD card or USB Stick, in both advanced and conventional audio formats.

MAYAH® Communications’ develops innovative, high quality solutions for audio and audio/video communications in broadcast and corporate networks. Focus is given to standardized audio and video formats, such as MPEG-1, -2 and 4 as well as proprietary but accepted formats such as E/apt-X, ADPCM4SB and others.

MAYAH has shown technological leadership in audio transmission by inventing FlashCast®, the automatic codec recognition, which allows compatibility to nearly all standard and proprietary audio codecs in the market.

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