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Chapter 37's Annual Picnic!

Guest Speaker: You!

August 19, 2006

August was our annual picnic again and, as in the past, we met at the WMAL Transmitter Site and Gardens. As always, the SBE Chapter 37 picnic is an opportunity for you and yours to meet with broadcast engineering friends, spouses and families.

Many thanks to Rick King and WMAL for helping to make arrangements and for hosting the picnic at the transmitter site again this year!

Like last year, Broadcast Electronics and SCMS agreed to sponsor the picnic again, thanks to John Bisset and Jim Peck, both of whom have developed the reputations of cooks for the picnic as well. To contact either of the legendary chefs, see their contact information below.

John Bisset is the Northeast Regional RF Sales Manager for BE.
Broadcast Electronics, Inc.
Box 4007 - Goffs Falls Road
Manchester, NH 03108
cell - 571-217-9386
office - 603-472-5282
fax - 603-472-4944

Jim Peck works out of the Northeast Sales Office at SCMS.
SCMS Broadcast Sales
North-East Sales Office
Constantia, NY
Office 315-623-7655
Fax 270-717-7908
Mobile 315-430-7458

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