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Larry Bloomfield's Taste of NAB

Guest Speaker: Larry Bloomfield

July 25, 2006

Larry Bloomfield of Tech-Notes has been doing the "Taste of NAB Road Show" now for about five years.  This was his first year with Chapter 37 and I expect he will be welcomed back in coming years if the attendance was any indication.

We met at the Clear Channel facility conference room in Rockville.  Food was provided thanks to Cobalt Digital and Digital Transaction Group

Larry had a conference room full of equipment on display.  He took some time for each one and gave some highlights.  As Larry said, there are many manufacturers making much the same equipment, but there are a few which stand out with that little extra that can make life easier.  Some stand-outs included the Evertz "monitor wall" Multiviewer, Leader's portable SDI monitor, Henry Engineering's USB audio box (demo by Bill Sacks) and the Z Technology RF Measurement and mapping system.

There were probably others that stood out more depending on the interests of each person.  Door prizes were in abundance, and Larry pulled names out of the jar until there were none left.

For a more complete list of vendors and a listing of the door prizes, see Larry's web page at:


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