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Audio Production & Surround Sound Techniques

Guest Speaker: Mike Sokol

October 18, 2005

Our October Meeting was a workshop of HD Surround for Music & Broadcast, held at the RFA Conference Room.

Mike Sokol of Fits & Starts Productions, LLC was the presenter. The program demonstrated audio production with an emphasis on surround sound techniques. We were shown the differences between 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround sound, and saw an impressive array of equipment which is used in various aspects of surround production. We were shown everything from microphone arrays to high quality monitor speakers, as well as a number of software products (low cost to premium) which run on a PC.

The workshop was free to attendees since it is sponsored by a number of software and hardware vendors. For a list of vendors, check out the Fits & Starts Productions website at:

Mike Sokol was an excellent presenter, with plenty of background information such as how some of the standards came to be. He explained some of the subtleties that make all the difference in quality surround production, such as "Bass Management".

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