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Mr. Eric Rzewnicki 

SBE Chapter 37 - Future Planning

Guest Speaker:

June 21, 2005

Our June meeting was held at Radio Free Asia on M Street in DC

This meeting was an open discussion about the kind of presentations the members would like to see in upcoming SBE meetings.

We had a decent turnout, and a number of very good ideas were brought out. The strongest desire seemed to be for more training or tutorial type subjects which are more difficult to coordinate and develope, but may draw a better crowd. Such items as grounding, RF safety, and tower safety and inspections were suggestions along those lines.

Fee mentioned that Fred Gleason of Salem Radio Labs will be presenting his open source software project soon.

A couple of other topics that peaked interest were possible topics on lightning (probably could be covered in safety or grounding), and a discussion on tuner design (typically poor) of consumer electronics.

A welcome goes out to Chris Fraley who was with us for the first time. He recently moved into the area to work for RFA.

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