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Comrex Corporation - Matrix


Guest Speaker: Chris Crump

March 22, 2005

Our March meeting was held at Radio Free Asia on M Street in DC

This This meeting was a presentation by Chris Crump of Comrex Corporation, of their Matrix product. The Matrix is a very flexible unit, and may be used to get audio back to the studio by POTS line, ISDN, or even wireless. The primary focus of tonight's discussion was the wireless aspect of the Matrix connectivity.

Chris gave us an excellent review of the history of cellular service, including a run-down of many of the three (or more) letter abbreviations we hear such as PCS and GSM. The demonstration included a real-time wireless connection from Downtown DC to their headquarters in Devens, Massachusetts.

Thanks to Chris and Comrex for providing the Pizza and drinks for the meeting. Chris also brought along some "freebies" for everyone, and a couple of nice door prizes which went by way of a drawing.

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