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Chapter 37 Christmas Holiday Party

Bradley Broadcast

Guest Speaker: Santa

December 15, 2003

December's meeting was our annual Christmas/Holiday Party. It was held at the Chart House Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We had an excellent view of the Potomac River from our dining location. Our predinner cocktail hour was sponsored by our long-time friends from Bradley Broadcast.

The annual SBE Chapter 37 Christmas Party was a great success, with a total of 28 people in attendance at one time or another. Not everyone was able to stay for the entire time, but the food and fellowship was good anyway.

Special thanks goes out to Art Reed and Bradley Broadcast, who once again contributed to the cocktail hour, during which time we had drinks and a large appetizer platter.

A drawing for gifts was held, and 17 folks walked away with everything from T-shirts to mini leatherman tools. Gifts were contributed by the Harris Corporation, Dielectric Communications, SAS Audio, Cablewave Systems, and Comrex. Chapter 37 supplied every attendee with LED powered keychain lights. The cost of the meal was also subsidized by Chapter 37 so that attendees only paid $25.00 each - a tremendous value for the meal that was served.

Also, of special note, we want to recognize the contribution which John Bisset has made to SBE Chapter 37 over the years. John is moving up to the Boston area to work in the Northeast Region for Dielectric. John Bisset and John George both have been hired by Dielectric to represent Dielectric to the Northeast and Southeast regions respectively. John Bisset can be reached at (571) 217-9386. Email John George can be reached at (803) 951-7443 or email at

John introduced his replacement at Harris, Chuck Johnston. Chuck Johnston is the District Sales Manager for Radio in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Chuck can be reached at (513) 459-3797, or his email address at

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