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May 26, 2022  

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Annual SBE Chapter 37 Picnic

Guest Speaker: Rick King

August 2000

August was the month for our annual picnic. We met again at the WMAL transmitter site, thanks to Rick King and his employer. We enjoyed food in the form of chips and salsa, hamburgers and hotdogs, and a wide choice of cold drinks. Dr. Pepper was there too, making Bob Clinton's day. You will have to ask John Bisset about the brand of salsa.

Someone found the volleyball net that had been purchased last year, and we set it up long enough to enjoy a fun round of hitting the ball back and forth. Be sure to show the photograph of the game to management; there was not a pocket protector in sight. The main goal was to see how many times we could keep it in the air instead of how many points we could accumulate. No official scoring, but the team slightly uphill and with their backs to the sun had a distinct advantage.

This was John Reiser's last picnic before retirement, so everyone should make a point of congratulating him on a long and fruitful career. Eric Hoehn was also on the verge of his transfer over to XM Radio, so look him up if you are thinking of a career change. He is now a director of operations there.

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