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August 13, 2022  

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Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

Tom Ray

Guest Speaker: Tom Ray

June 14, 2022

Our June meeting focused on the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program - what is it, why it's a good idea, what stations typically miss, and what we look for. Our guest speaker, Tom Ray of Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting, LLC has been conducting ABIP's for 9 years now, starting with the New York State Broadcaster's Association and now doing ABIP's for Maryland, Delaware, DC, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa.  Tom has pretty much seen it all over the past 9 years, and, in addition to a lot of good information, regaled with a story or two of some nightmares he's encountered, not necessarily in small markets.  Please see the presentation (here) for the details.

Thomas R. Ray, III, CPBE, AMD, DRB, is a 45 year Broadcast Veteran.  He started his career at WDRC AM/FM in Hartford, CT, spent time as Chief Engineer of WTIC AM/FM in Hartford, CT, and spent 16 years as VP/Director of Engineering of Buckley Broadcasting and Chief Engineer of WOR Radio, New York City.  He served 6 terms on the Board of Directors of The Society of Broadcast Engineers, had the first high powered full time AM HD Radio facility in the world (WOR), installed the first large scale Axia system in the US, literally wrote the book on HD Radio installation for the SBE, served on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Broadcaster's Association, and, when iHeart bought WOR, started Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting, LLC which does contract Engineering work, equipment installations, ABIP inspections for the Broadcasters Associations of New York, Maryland, Delaware, DC, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa. 

Tom is also the "EAS Guy" for the NY State Broadcaster's Association (and is currently finishing the re-write of the NY State EAS Plan), and is the EAS Consultant for the City of New York.  He also wrote most of the Digital Radio Broadcast specialty Certification exam for the SBE.  Recently, after 45 years of being primarily a Radio guy, he did his first ever remote television broadcast on both Palm and Easter Sundays for the Archdiocese of Hartford. 

In addition to SBE Certifications, he also holds an FCC General Class Radiotelephone license and Amateur Extra W2TRR.  He lives in New Windsor, NY with his wife, Sue, and his dog, Ted (yes, his dog is named Ted).  His wife is Traffic Manager for a local station in New Windsor, NY - his son is a television director in Hartford, CT -  his brother is traffic/production manager and on air at WICC, Bridgeport, CT, - his daughter is literally and figuratively the smart one.  She's a Veterinarian with no Broadcast ambitions.

Special thanks to sponsor Broadcasters General Store for sponsoring the video conference and other technical support costs of Chapter 37. 

  ABIP Presentation
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