SBE Chapter 37
SBE Chapter 37
August 13, 2022  

Prior Meetings

YearMonthMeeting TopicGuest Speaker
2022 June Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program Tom Ray
2022 May SBE Regulatory Issues and You! Stephen Hartzell & Coe Ramsey
2022 April Bringing to Light: Changes in Tower Lighting Mike Thompson & Bear Poth
2022 February Audio Processing for Streaming & OTA Broadcast Mike Pappas
2021 August Broadcasting with Software-Defined Hardware Chuck Kelly
2021 July Remote Production - How Remote Do You Need to Be? Rob Lewis
2021 June FM Stereo: The History of the Making of a Standard Richard W. Burden
2021 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2021 April C-Band Satellite - The Repack! Mark Johnson
2021 March Remote Hybrid Workflows & Cloud Disaster Recovery Nathan Mumford
2021 February DTV Encoding Advancements - The Secret Sauce Michael Guthrie
2021 January Inauguration - Frequency Coordination Overview Louis Libin
2020 November WMAL's Greentree Road Bethesda Transmitter Site Dave Sproul
2020 October Power Measurement; SNMP; and Composite over AES3 Bob Tarsio
2020 July A History of TV Mark Schubin
2020 July NAB Show Express - A Review and Wrap Up Skip Pizzi
2020 June Point-to-Point Microwave Systems for Broadcasting Brian Wright & Sale Lilly
2020 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2020 March Lithium-Ion Battery UPS for Broadcast Applications Chris Cleary
2020 February Cost of Ownership: Air vs. Liquid Cooled FM TX Brian Szewczyk
2020 January Next Gen TV Summit Multiple - See Text
2019 December SMPTE/AES/SBE Holiday Party You!
2019 October RF Can't Hurt You... Can It? RF Safety Awareness Ric Tell
2019 September SBE Chapter 37 Picnic You!
2019 August DTV Repack - T-Mobile Plans for 600 MHz Band Scott Hewitt
2019 July Antenna and RF System Design - DTV Repack Eddy Vanderkerken
2019 June Live from the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center™ The WTOP Engineering Team
2019 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2019 March Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mics! Steven Savanyu
2019 February Master Control and Channel Playout Advancements Niall McDonnell
2019 January All Digital AM - WWFD Frederick David Kolesar & Mike Raide
2018 November SMPTE/SBE Holiday Party You!
2018 November Production Wireless Jim Dugan
2018 September SBE Chapter 37 Picnic You!
2018 August 5G and Future Remote Broadcasts Chris Crump, CBNE
2018 July Transmission Tech: ATSC 3.0 & FM Repack Impact Perry Priestly & Owen Garland
2018 June Tour of a Local Post Production Facility Cheryl Ottenritter & Robbie Carman
2018 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2018 March FM RBDS Measurement and Diagnostics Joop Beunders and Rich Rarey
2018 February Advances in Wireless Video Jim Jachetta
2018 January High Efficiency Solid State Transmitter Design Walt Gumbert and Rohde & Schwarz Engineers
2017 November SMPTE/SBE Holiday Party You!
2017 November National Capital Radio and Television Museum NCRTV Docents
2017 September SBE Chapter 37 Picnic You!
2017 September FM Composite Multiplex over IP STL David Agnew
2017 August Optimizing RF Coverage for Radio and Television John Kean and Gary Cavell
2017 July Tower Safety, Tower Standards, and the DTV Repack Paul Fitts & Owen Garland
2017 June AC4: The Next Generation ATSC 3.0 Audio Standard Neal Roberts
2017 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2017 March Emergency Alert System Network - PEP and IPAWS Al Kenyon
2017 February Point-to-Point Microwave Systems for Broadcasting Brian Wright & Sale Lilly
2017 January IP Protocols for Audio & Video - Networking Update Frank Grundstein
2016 November DTV Transition from a Manufacturer's Perspective Joe Meleski, Dave Benco, & Carl Davis
2016 October Rivendell Radio Automation Fred Gleason
2016 September SBE Picnic! You!
2016 July An Overview of the IBB Transmission Network Gerhard Straub
2016 June ENG Receive Site / Sennheiser Wireless Mics Tim Crowley, Joe Ciaudelli and Chris Kontopanos
2016 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2016 March The HAARP Research Station, An Engineers View of This Unique Research Facility Steve Floyd
2016 February SNMP & Networking at the Transmitter Site John Ahern
2016 January Cloud Based Content Transformation of Media Operations Eric Carson, Fred Roux
2015 November National Weather Service Facility Tour Chris Strong
2015 October Studio Design: Acoustic Myths and Realities Nick Colleran
2015 September SBE Picnic! You!
2015 August Power Quality, Monitoring & Surge Protection Kevin Turner
2015 July HD Radio Multiplex Gary Liebisch
2015 June Latest Innovations in Broadcast Audio Processing Mike Erickson
2015 May Rules, Regs, and the Broadcast Engineer Chris Imlay
2015 March Nielsen's New Encoder and Monitor John Stavropoulos
2015 February Monitoring & Management Systems Kenny Miller
2015 January Challenges in Implementing Television Repacking Joseph M. Davis
2014 December Dinner and Beverage Blast You!
2014 November AM Revitalization - WFED 1500 AM Transmitter David Layer
2014 October NPR's New Broadcast Facility Bud Aiello
2014 September SBE Picnic and Election! You!
2014 August Safety Issues in the Media Industry Mark Perriello
2014 July Digital Composite Interface; TV Loudness Bob Orban
2014 June Project Management Carl Pritchard, PMP, EVP
2011 August History and Future of Broadcast System Resilience James O'Neal
2011 June RF Power Measurement Techniques Robert C. Tarsio
2011 May Intelligent Networked Audio Phil Owens
2011 March Audio Over IP for Radio and ENG Daniel Loeffler
2010 November Radio Systems’ New PLATFORM Broadcast Console Daniel Braverman
2010 September Chapter 37's Annual Picnic! You!
2010 August A Taste of NAB Larry Bloomfield
2010 July Audio Time Compression Geoff Steadman
2010 June Implementation of Increased HD Radio Power Levels Gary Liebisch
2010 May Advanced IBOC Coverage and Interference Analysis John Kean and Dr. Ellyn Sheffield
2010 March Audio Loudness - An Educational Presentation Don Cardone, Howard Mullinack
2010 February IP Audio Codecs and SIP-Based Communication Daniel Loeffler
2009 December SBE / SMPTE Washington, DC - Holiday Party You!
2009 August Taste of NAB Larry Bloomfield
2009 June The Addition of CAP to Emergency Alert Systems Bruce W. Robertson COO
2009 May HD Radio Digital Power - Synchronous Boosters Gary Liebisch
2009 March Pro Audio and STL over Internet and Private IP Chris Regan
2009 February Digital Television Christina Carroll
2008 December SBE Chapter 37 Holiday Party
2008 November IP University Ken Skok
2008 September SBE Chapter 37's Annual Picnic
2008 August BE Presents -10dB FM HD Tim Bealor and John Bisset
2008 July Taste of NAB Larry Bloomfield
2008 June FMeXtra Lyle Henry "The Radio Doctor"
2008 May Spectrum Regrowth In FM IBOC Transmission Bob Surrete
2008 March Arbitron PPM Sam Brown
2008 January Spectrum Regrowth In FM IBOC Transmission Bob Surette
2007 November Vorsis Audio Processor Jay Tyler and Jeff Keith
2007 August Annual Picnic You!
2007 August Larry Bloomfield's Taste of NAB
2007 July Washington DC Frequency Coordination John Poray, Ray Benedict, Ralph Beaver, Jim Snyder
2007 March Joint Meeting with Fort Mead Chapter Ray Benedict
2006 August Chapter 37's Annual Picnic! You!
2006 July Larry Bloomfield's Taste of NAB Larry Bloomfield
2006 June Inmarsat's BGAN Service - Mackay Communications Cedric Taylor
2006 January Wireless Technology for Remote Broadcast Chris Crump
2005 December Christmas Holiday - 2006 Santa
2005 October Audio Production & Surround Sound Techniques Mike Sokol
2005 September Audio via IP & Ethernet Kirk Harnack
2005 August Annual Chapter 37 Picnic
2005 July Salem Radio Labs - Rivendell Fred Gleason
2005 June SBE Chapter 37 - Future Planning
2005 March Comrex Corporation - Matrix Chris Crump
2005 January XM Radio - Current State of the Art Eric Hoehn
2004 December Annual Chapter 37 Christmas Holiday Party Santa
2004 November Tomorrow Radio - Two Program Channels via IBOC John Holt
2004 August SBE Chapter 37 Annual Picnic Rick King
2004 May Engine based Integrated Console/Router Frank Grundstein
2004 April Radio Works RF Consulting - Network Analyzer Tests Gary Minker
2004 March Understanding Power Quality and Power Reliability
2003 December Chapter 37 Christmas Holiday Party Santa
2003 November Power Lines - Radio Frequency Interference Issues Michael Martin
2003 October New Approach: AM Coverage, Interference Glynn Walden
2003 January John Reiser - Experiences as a FCC Field Inspector John Reiser
2001 November Thermal Imaging In Broadcast Facilities Gary Cavell
2001 September Harris Broadcast - Pacific Research & Engineering Dick Schumeyer
2001 July XM Satellite Radio Eric Hoehn and Ed Schwartz
2001 February iBiquity Digital - Current State of Art: Update Jeff Detweiler
2001 January Cavell, Mertz, & Davis, Inc - Consulting Today Richard Mertz
2000 December Holiday Party Santa
2000 October Net 2000 - Alternative Local Telephone Company Al Carr, Christopher Murphy, and Michael Thompson
2000 September Pepco - Radiofrequency Interference Issues Mike Martin
2000 August Annual SBE Chapter 37 Picnic Rick King
2000 July WETA-TV - New High Definition Studio Facility Eric Hoehn
2000 June Reliability - Dalet Digital Media Ken Tankel
2000 May Radio Systems - Studio Hub Dan Braverman
2000 March Audemat - MC3 Dan Rau
2000 February Harris - PR&E Consoles Dick Schumeyer
2000 January RCS Software Steve Rosen
1999 November Cybex Products Steve Pulvers
1999 September CMBE - RF Coverage Study Maggie Daley
1999 August Techni-Tool Vince Libercci
1999 June Radio Free Asia
1999 May ISDN Telephone Hybrid Greg Shay
1999 February RF Exposure & Safety Dr. Robert Cleveland
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