SBE Chapter 37
SBE Chapter 37
July 27, 2017  


Thank you for visiting the Washington DC Chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. We're glad you're here!

Chapter 37 is a very diverse group, including a variety of media professionals in the Nation's Capitol. Our members include local radio and television engineers, national and international network technicians, consulting engineers, electronics manufacturers and Federal employees working in broadcast related positions.

Regardless of your area of broadcast interest, you are sure to find a warm welcome at the Washington DC Chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Please join us at our next meeting and try us out for size. We hope you will enjoy your visit.

Upcoming Events

Please check out details of our next meeting. We hope to see you there!  Future SBE meetings include:

  • July 11th 6:30 PM:  Paul Fitts & Owen Garland of Vertical Technology Services will delve into tower safety, tower standards, and the impending digital television repack. Please see our next meeting page for details.
  • August 8th 6:30 PM:  Gary Cavell & John Kean of Cavell Mertz & Associates will update us on a system they are developing to measure antenna patterns using drones. Details for this meeting are still being finalized. Check back later for further developments.
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